"I've worked with Thomas in several contexts and on big and smaller scenes, where he has impressed me with his unique talent, his many facets, independence, diligence and deeply rooted integrity and authenticity. I Would work with him again anytime, and I give him my warmest recommendations. "

Stage Director Vibeke Wrede

I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas on the Lolland Falster chronicle "Happiness and Progress". Thomas is a committed, present and a generous actor with a versatile talent. He has a musical talent, is precise and brave.

Stage Director Madeleine Røn Juul

Thomas is an amazing actor.

Open, funny and creative with allot of courage and edge.

He is always looking for a way to deepen and enrich his role. "

Movie Director Johan Melin

"As one of the leading actors in" Dom over Skrig, "Thomas Knuth-Winterfeldt has demonstrated great talent and versatility. He has with great mental and professional insight, calmness and enthusiasm, managed to put his own impression on each of the wide variety of roles he played. Thomas has been a formidable actor and colleague to work with, one you can trust 100%. He always has constructive solutions up his sleeve.

The collaboration with Thomas Knuth-Winterfeldt has been very inspiring and highly productive - artisticly and humanly. He has been extremely committed, dutiful and trustworthy with a great sense of humor. "

Stage Director Isabelle Reynaud

"As a dramatist, I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas Knuth-Winterfeldt several times and know him as an open, welcoming and capable person. An actor who always wants to contribute his commitment and ability. He is driven by the desire to explore his characters and meet challenges with an open mind and good mood. In other words, there are good reasons why I have chosen him to play more than once! Thomas holds a versatility in his game, both when he is going to act hard-boiled boss or vulnerable son - he listens carefully to his director and puts himself in the text on his terms. It is a great pleasure to work with such a person - and I therefore give Thomas Knuth-Winterfeldt my warmest recommendations. "

Dramatist Katrine Sekjær